Creating Edutopia

Creating Edutopia: Growing Our Vision
A BalancEdTech Resource

  • At this point in time:
    • Review/clarify understanding of opportunity & focus
      • chart paper lists, in order of priority
      • "This We Believe" added to top
    • Relate to known efforts: StAB Similarities & Differences

  1. Explore: with your partner(s), explore your selected resources and perspective.
  2. Consider: from your explored perspective, consider the examples below:
  3. Connect & Share: Where did you see elements or evidence of your "Big 8" in your perspective? Where did you see elements in each example?
    • Connect: Working with your expert team, develop a list of "Big 8" that supports your "perspective" - post it on this Google Doc (1 recorder, per group)

    • Think (independently) : With this perspective in mind,
      • What are your Top 6 priorities for Friday experience?
      • What might your experts consider to be the 5 most critical elements of this opportunity/experience?
    • Pair (with your perspective partner): Share your Top 6
    • Share: share your "Top 6"
  1. Extend: What other elements did you notice that support your perspective? Any that might work against your perspective?

  • ReGroup: Jigsaw - *bonus points for groups of relative strangers!
    • Introduce perspective (gist-style) and your "Top 6" (3 min/person)
    • From your given perspectives, work with your jigsaw team to reach consensus (not majority rule) on:
      • Which are stronger examples of what you envision for Friday experiences? Why?
      • Which are weaker? Why?
      • Combine: Blend your Top 6 lists to create a "Top 5"
  • Prepare an "elevator pitch" for the room, in support of your "Top 5"

  • At this Point in Time:
    • Individually: (re)consider & discuss "Big 8" - need to modify?
    • Anything to add to similarities & differences?
    • T-Chart: What It Is/What It Isn't (at this point in time)