This page is a resource for teachers for integrating technology into their classrooms here at St. Anne's-Belfield.

Integrating Technology into Your Classroom
Purpose of Technology Integration:Enhancing, Modifying and Redefining our Instruction & LearningCreating Lifelong LearnersInformation Literacy
Global Connections
Authentic Audience

A beginning Scope & Sequence grades K-8
Roger Wagner's Cycle of Learning Graphic - a great visual!

Authentic Audiences & Global Connections:
  • Book Creator ~ iBooks ~ shared library
  • Using Social Media in the classroom
  • Twitter for PD - #'s to follow
    • #stabls
    • #edchat
    • #21stcenturylearning
Research: (Information Literacy & Global Connections)
  • Diigo
  • SimpleMinds (iPads)
  • Inspiration/Kidspiration
  • Google Earth
  • Instagrok

Subscriptions: (TLT Agenda 10-9-12 for log in info)
  • UnitedStreaming
  • BrainPop
Management Ideas:

DropBox Ideas - Use for:
  • Shared folder for class - teacher can import images for all to share and use on iPad apps
  • Can export projects from iPads to this folder for teacher to manage (ePubs, Pages, Brushes)
Diigo Ideas - Use for:

Coding/ Logic/ Computational Thinking:
  • Kodable Pro (iPads)
  • Light Bot (iPads)
  • BeeBot (iPads & robot)
  • Move the Turtle (iPads)
  • Cargo-Bot (iPads)
  • RoboLogicHD (iPads)
  • Tynker
  • Scratch
  • Crunchzilla
  • Kickbox (iPads)
  • BigSeed (iPads)
  • HyperStudio
  • Brushes (iPad)
  • Wordle
  • Garageband (iPads)

  • iMovie
  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote
  • Fotobabble (iPads)
  • SonicPics (iPads)
  • ShowMe (iPads)
  • Animoto
Digital Portfolios
  • Book Creator (K)
  • KidBlog (grades 1-4)
  • Google Sites (grades 5-8)

Student Examples
ShowMe Ideas
Animoto Ideas

Fotobabble Ideas
SimpleMind/Inspiration Ideas

Book Creator Ideas

iPad Apps & Computer Programs for Subject Areas
Math Apps for all Levels - Differentiation Ability:
  • Math Bingo (iPads)
  • Jungle Math, Coins, Time (iPads)
  • Animoto
  • Kidspiration/Inspiration for brainstorming
  • Analogs4Kids (iPads)
  • Tools4Students (iPads)
  • QuickVoice (iPads)
  • Word Processing
  • Word to Word (iPads)

Kindergarten* Tangrams HD (iPads)
  • Magnaletters (iPads)
  • ABC 123 (iPads)
  • Phonics 123 (iPads)


Digital Portfolios

Check out the links below to help you decide what kind of digital portfolio you would like to use - both for yourself and for your students.
Google Sites - students create their own webpage and use it as a digital portfolio (grades 5-8)
KidBlog - many classes already using this for class blogs
ThreeRing iPad App - might be great for the younger students
Weebly - another option for student created websites with a teacher controlled environment

Current Digital Portfolios & Blogs

Check out our KidBlogs from 2013-2014

Student Led Instruction Examples and Ideas

School Visits

Teaching, Learning & Technology (TLT)

Initiatives & Technology Applications

Ideas for Further Investigation

  • YouTube Channel
    • How can we use this?
  • Wikis for everyone?
  • Skype Edu
    • Dean
    • Ripley
    • Roth
    • Lezama
  • CAD programs
    • Create a game piece for 3d printer challenge
  • Game-based Learning