What is an AHA?

The AHA at St. Anne's-Belfield School, is the Assistant Head for Instruction. Currently, there are three AHAs at St. Anne's-Belfield School. They are Lisa Cetroni (PS-4), April Waylett (5-8) and Beth Miller (9-12).

For the 2014-15 school year, the role of the AHA will change slightly to reflect the PS-8 configuration of the Learning Village and the nature of the position, which supports both curriculum and instruction. AHAs will work closely with the Associate Head of School for Academics, Fred Chandler.

How does the AHA fit into the framework of the school?

In 2011, the Head of School, David Lourie, decided to resturcture the academic leadership of the school to help realize the goals in our new strategic plan. Read about the new configuration, our journey and our roles in this NAIS article (Fall 2013).

What are the responsibilities of the AHA?

The responsibilities of the AHA include:

  • promoting a learning and teaching culture of innovation, risk-taking and reflection.
  • planning and overseeing the New Teacher Orientation and the New Teacher Program (NTP)

  • establishing Professional Growth Goals (PPGs) with teachers

  • coordinating Critical Friends Groups (CFGs) - Tuning Protocol

  • planning all aspects of Professional Development for individuals and the Division

  • supporting teachers in all matters including curriculum and pedagogy

  • providing post-evaluative support for targeted development

  • hiring new teachers